One of the best things about being a network engineer is that you’re not limited to a specific type of business. If you want to succeed in this field, you need to equip yourself with hard and soft skills. Depending on your business and organization, your job description may vary. If you want to succeed in this field, you’ll have to keep the correct combination of problem-solving experience and IT knowledge.

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This increase in jobs is due to the use of IT in different fields like healthcare, a need for faster technology, and more advanced mobile networks across all industries. The network engineering field is enjoyable, is high paying but also offers a challenge. Cisco’s CCNA is a well-known, entry-level certification that can be taken with minimal on-the-job experience (but a lot of study!). Microsoft also offers MCITP or MCTS which have several branches for networking, and CompTIA’s Network+ certification is a vendor-neutral certification for the networking industry. Doing all that it takes to become a network engineer by logic and the conventional process will take around 10 years. There are people who have put their stories on Google where they have mentioned how they entered the field without even a little knowledge of technology.

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In this article, we will let you know about the pathway and strategies to Become a Network Engineer. Finally, if you prefer project-based work, turning global is only natural. All businesses need network engineers; it’s up to you to pick best offers in line with your preferences. The fact that freelance network engineer jobs are projected to keep increasing at a steady pace is not windows network engineer the best thing about the vocation. In itself, it merely translates into you not having difficulties finding an open position; it doesn’t necessarily guarantee the best of salaries. Some companies, for example, use Cisco products, and others exclusively work with Microsoft software. IT certifications, coding bootcamps, and online courses are great resources to help you specialize.

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How to Choose the Right IT Certification and Not Regret It.

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If you are good at troubleshooting and have a strong background in computer systems, you might consider working as a network engineer. In this article, we discuss the steps required to become a network engineer. The first step towards achieving that goal would be completing an internship. Merely obtaining a degree is of little use if you have zero experience. On top of the certifications mentioned above, there are also various choices offered by software vendors, notably Microsoft and Red Hat. Once you have reached your goal of becoming a professional network engineer, you will be glad you put in the time and effort.

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With appropriate qualifications and skill sets, you will be able to find a remote position to suit your schedule in no time. Many engineers prefer in-house jobs to commuting on a daily basis, but freelancing does not necessarily imply that. Since network engineering covers a number of job positions, switching between related professions is not so rare. Network technicians should not find it difficult to expand their field of expertise either by pursuing further academic studies or obtaining additional certification. After receiving the necessary education, you’ll need to decide what type of network engineer you’re going to be.

For audio and video courses, a great resource is the evergreen Youtube which offers free content. Get to the online bookstore and find books that keep your attention and are easy for you to read . Test questions are worded very tricky and taking these practice tests will guarantee you getting the multiple choice stuff correct. The one thing that set Cisco and Juniper tests apart from other vendors are the router emulators. Router emulators are very common on the CCNA and are very realistic.

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Obtaining the right training and certification is your best path to getting a network engineer job in 2021, a year that’s expected to see growth in this job role. Today, no network engineer desires to spare their minute doing the repetitive and manual task that ends up having multiple errors. Even organizations believe that they can save money, time, and resources better when their network is automated. That leaves network engineers with no choice but to learn automation rather than depending on a team of developers to write them a script. The position of a network engineer in India is booming at a fast pace with different growth opportunities.

  • Network Solutions Architect is the future buzzword in the field of network engineering.
  • Depending on the position and company, you might also need a master’s degree in computer science or business administration.
  • Responsible for the implementation and design of suitable systems.
  • They also put a lot of effort into understanding the latest hardware and software trends.
  • Degrees in other fields can also serve as stepping stones to careers in network security.